holding stop watchReady? Look at your advertising as a job interview. The consumer is considering hiring you, but needs to find out how you can benefit them in a short 30 or 60 seconds. That means you as advertiser need to show up looking and sounding your best in order to make a positive first impression. Then you need to make your points clearly, concisely and quickly. Finally, you need to close the sale. If you haven’t done all of the above, sorry, but your time’s up. You might have just wasted precious ad dollars. It’s all about preparation. In a challenging economy with intense competitive pressure from all sides, you’d better know how to execute better than the next guy. Remember, time is fleeting, so make your 30 or 60 seconds count. Put D/FW Media Group in your corner. After all, every winning team is well coached.

“Get the message right, spend the required amount to get the message out, and then take care of every customer who responds. The surest route to repeat business is uncompromising customer service.”